National Review Online Flip-Flops over Gonzales

Apparently, after eating a nice meal and suffering from food coma, Jonah Goldberg diverted from party orthodoxy and condemned the AG.

But my longstanding position is that the only possible defense of Gonzales against charges of villainy is rank incompetence. I’ve wanted to see him go for a very long time. So, while I very much doubt that Schumer-esque conspiracies have that much weight, I think Gonzales has long, long, long outserved whatever usefulness he might once have had. And — hey — maybe he actually did perjure himself.

A half hour later, Rich Lowry made sure the base got its daily dose of red meat.

This time I think [Gonzalez is] just being smeared. We’ll have editorial up in the morning. From the parts of the transcript I’ve read he was badgered in a way meant to obscure the reasonable distinctions he was trying to make and set up this perjury accusation. Nasty stuff…

Phew! For a second there, I thought some folks at the National Review were actually starting to look at the facts and change their opinion of the Bush Administration. Thank God Lowry cleared that up for me.

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