Lowes pulls its advertising off O’Reilly

This is rather huge news (even more about it here). The most important advertiser to fall, and the most difficult, is the first. Now the rest (Home Depot) have to explain why they don’t care as much as Lowes about threats against Hillary Clinton’s life, why they don’t care about suggestions regarding launching a terrorist strike against the US Capitol, why they don’t care about wishing Rosie O’Donnell dead. Lowes is refusing to associate itself with hate speech and with death threats – why is Home Depot so comfortable with it?

Funny that Home Depot had no problem pulling its ads from BET (that would be black people), but when it comes to O’Reilly’s hate, Home Depot blames YOU. So now we know that Home Depot DOES pull its ads. But it only pulls them from black TV networks, not TV networks that ATTACK blacks, not TV networks whose anchor’s Web site contains threats to kill Hillary Clinton. No, that’s okay for Home Depot.

Find more O’Reilly advertisers here and contact them all. Tell them about O’Reilly’s hate, about the death threats against Hillary, about the suggested act of terror against the US Capitol, about wishing Rosie dead. Tell them Lowes pulled their ads over this horrendous show of hate. Why won’t they?

As for Home Depot, let them really have it. They blame YOU for even having the nerve to contact them.

Ron Jarvis, Vice President of Environmental Innovation
[email protected]

Frank Blake, Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

Carol Tome, Chief Financial Officer
[email protected]

O’Reilly just two days ago vowed to destroy Daily Kos. He has slandered everyone of us, every one of you. He has compared you, our readers, to the KKK and the Nazis. He has claimed that we actually encourage people to post comments advocating the assassination of Vice President Cheney, and that when we’re told about such comments, we refuse to remove them – a total lie. The man has jumped the shark in his desperate attempt to remain relevant in an America that no longer turns to FOX for its fake news. FAUX’s reign of terror, O’Reilly’s reign of terror, the far-right’s lying, hateful reign of terror is over. We’re not afraid of the hateful liars any more. Contact his advertisers now.

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