Defining Patriotism Down

The blogosphere is alive over Scott Thomas Beauchamp’s Iraq blogging. Mr. Beauchamp blogged some controversial posts about his military unit for The New Republic, under the pseudonym of Scott Thomas (not sure he has a career in fiction ahead of him if his pseudonym is any indication).

Of course, the right wing blogosphere went nuts, accusing TNR of fabricating a soldier and lying about his experiences. There were repeated attempts to prove that Scott Thomas was a fake.

Today, Mr. Beauchamp unveiled himself, proving that he a) does exist and b) is in Iraq. Rather than admit they were wrong, the right-wing has now taken to slandering Mr. Beauchamp. Here’s Ms. Malkin, at her best.

Scott Johnson at Powerline doesn’t mince words in his assessment of Beauchamp: “Pretentious ass.” I’d add, in the parlance of p.c. pop psychology: A pretentious ass with issues. Major issues.

So there you have it. Michelle Malkin supports our troops. Unless they are liberal and disagree with her views on the war. Then they become a “pretentious ass with issues.” Has there ever been a group of people more intellectually dishonest than this group of conservative pundits?

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