“China free” products arriving, but what about the other problems?

Considering the extensive problems in recent months (years, really) it should come as no surprise that someone is planning to highlight the fact that their products do not contain no ingredients from China. China, along with plenty of help from the corporate world who wanted more profit as well as under-funded regulators who were cut to the bone by the GOP Congress, has created this mess so they should have to deal with the global black eye. The main issue I have with it is that it does let the other participants off the hook and it also is blind to comparable issues with sources from other countries.

While in Vietnam a few years ago, there was still a lot of talk within certain communities about eating certain foods (root vegetables, for example) because of continuing problems with Agent Orange in the soil. In southern Vietnam is was still common enough to see young victims of that destructive chemical so it did give reason for pause when eating. Vietnam is now a very active exporter of food to the world as are many other traditionally poor countries who have begun exporting in recent years when US regulations have crumbled. Maybe export food from Vietnam or elsewhere is perfectly fine, I have no idea, but I do have a complete lack of faith in the FDA and USDA to police those imports. In truth, I have a lack of faith in those organizations to monitor food from anywhere, the US included.

“China free” is understandable, but it still does not replace a funded and legitimate regulatory system for all Americans.

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