Bush “still acts as if he were master of the universe”

Just read what is supposed to be Peter Baker’s introspective look at Bush in today’s Washington Post. Apparently, there is some depth to the President, we’re supposed to believe. He’s doing a lot of thinking with really smart people — or thinkin’ Bush would say. Unfortunately, he can’t think about the problems at hand like Iraq. Bush comes across as detached and a bit delusional (and you can’t help but wonder if he’s on some kind of prescription). The whole article is best summed up in this one paragraph:

And yet Bush does not come across like a man lamenting his plight. In public and in private, according to intimates, he exhibits an inexorable upbeat energy that defies the political storms. Even when he convenes philosophical discussions with scholars, he avoids second-guessing his actions. He still acts as if he were master of the universe, even if the rest of Washington no longer sees him that way.

It’s not just the rest of Washington that no longer sees him that way. It’s the rest of the United States. It’s the rest of the world.

Bush has undermined this country. He’s weakened us. He got us into an intractable war with no plan to get us out. He’s emboldened our enemies. That should weigh heavy on him — but apparently, it doesn’t. He’s the master of his universe.

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