Bush had Al Qaeda’s #2, and didn’t take him out

We reported on this the other day, but it hasn’t gotten much play. Bush had Zawahiri, Osama’s right hand man from the Al Qaeda that did attack the U.S., in his sights but didn’t take Zawahiri out because it would have ticked off the Pakistanis. Well boo frigging hoo. Having the World Trade Center come down on 3000 people ticked off a lot of Americans, and the next time it happens Bush can explain to the families of the dead just why it was he was afraid of ticking off the Pakistanis.

Interestingly, this is the lie that Disney/ABC, along with their right-wing producer, tried to peddle about Madeleine Albright in Disney’s fantasy film “The Path to 9/11.” Remember how they claimed that Madeleine Albright wouldn’t let us take out Osama because the Pakistanis might get upset? Never happened. But now we know that it DID happen under Bush’s watch.

Bush and his military lapdogs keep telling us that Al Qaeda is the biggest threat we face in Iraq. It’s totally untrue. But to the extent that the administration wants us to believe that Al Qaeda is the “big bad,” we need to keep reminding them that the only reason Al Qaeda is still around is kicking is because George Bush gave them a pass.

Chew on that for a while.

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