BREAKING: Harry Reid pulls Defense Authorization Bill. If no meaningful legislation on Iraq, no bill.

Playing hard ball. Reid just pulled the Defense Authorization bill off the floor. If the GOP Senators want to continue filibustering meaningful Iraq legislation, Reid won’t proceed.

True to form, GOP leader Mitch McConnell gave a floor statement that made it clear the Republicans will filibuster every Iraq bill and amendment.

Harry Reid is doing what the American people want. The Republicans are too committed to Bush and his failed war.

Bob Geiger, who knows the Senate better than almost anyone, has a good analysis.

UPDATE: There was just a great moment on the Senate floor when Harry Reid shut down the pontificating Arlen Specter. That doesn’t happen very often. Reid is on a roll.

Here’s a photo that sums up the GOP Senate. While their leader, Mitch McConnell, is promising to filibuster every Iraq vote, two of the GOP Senators who claim they want to change the course in Iraq, Pete Domenici (NM) and Norm Coleman (MN), look on passively. Those two, who are both up for re-election in 2008, are doing nothing to stop the war:

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