BREAKING: Bush commutes Scooter Libby’s prison sentence

CNN just reported — via AP — that Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence. Scooter won’t go to jail. Apparently, the conviction, probation and fine still stand. So, basically, Bush just said that Libby is guilty but he doesn’t have to pay the price because he’s a friend of Cheney. Nice. Compare that to the Republicans impeaching Bill Clinton for committing the same crime, and Republicans have always said that Clinton got off easy. Well, Libby just got off easier.

The second thing that Bush just did, he showed that all this talk about letting justice run its course was all a crock. Bush had no intention of letting justice run its course – he was only going to let the courts make the decision IF the courts let Libby go. But once the courts found, unanimously, that this guy isn’t just guilty as sin, but that he also doesn’t deserve to be set free, Bush set him free anyway.

UPDATE: CNN’s Ed Henry read a statement from Bush who thinks the 30-month prison sentence for Libby is “excessive.” Really? Then what prison sentence does Bush think is appropriate for Libby? Probation isn’t any punishment at all. And paying a fine, that’s nice, except we all know that he’s going to raise the money to pay the fine. So, what punishment is Libby facing for lying to a federal investigator trying to find out who leaked the identity of a CIA agent for political gain, endangering our national security?

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