Bill O’Reilly’s Web site threatens Hillary’s life

FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly has been attacking the liberal blog Daily Kos, and liberal blogs in general, over some extreme comments left by some of our visitors. It’s interesting therefore that O’Reilly’s own Web site contains some of the most hideous hate you’ve ever seen. Over the next few hours, we’ll be documenting some of that hate. And you’ll be interested to know that while O’Reilly holds others responsible for the words strangers leave on their Web sites, on O’Reilly’s Web site, he’s not responsible at all for the hate and threats his readers leave behind. And I quote O’Reilly’s own Web site:

“ will not be held liable for any user activity on the message boards. We do not actively monitor user-submitted content.”

You see, it’s okay when he does it.

And with no further ado, examples of’s threats against Hillary.

Posted By: Wildabeast (4638 posts) – 24 July 2007 8:15am PT

Reply: RE: If Hillary WIns, WIll You Be Respectful of Her?

If Hillary wins, I will be respectful of our leader. If you could read my thoughts, I would be on the SS [Secret Service] watch list.

The only thought that would put you on a Secret Service watch list vis-a-vis the president is a possible threat to their life.

And this:

Posted By: Norman Zaney (12227 posts) 24 July 2007 – 5:43am PT

Reply: RE: If Hillary WIns, WIll You Be Respectful of Her?

As a woman, i would open the door for her…, if there was nothing on the other side but empty space and a 50 foot drop into a moat filled leeches and (gulp) rats…well, I can’t be held responsible.

O’Reilly claimed on TV last night that the hate on his Web site isn’t real, it’s the work of liberals trying to sabotage him. Funny, then, that he was all too willing to accept the hate on liberal Web sites as being real enough to report it, on the air, as real. How do we know that it too isn’t the work of hateful conservatives? And more importantly, why do companies like jetBlue associate themselves with people who make threats against Hillary’s life?

Hillary is under Secret Service protection. Members of have made what can reasonably be considered to be threats against Hillary’s life. Unlike DailyKos or AMERICAblog, or any other liberal blog, in order to post on, you need to give them your credit card info. O’Reilly knows exactly who these people are who are making the threats. Has he done his moral and legal and patriotic duty and reported the names and addresses of these people (which he has because he has their credit cards) to the Secret Service for investigation?

More to come. Much more to come.

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