Australia refuses to apologize to Indian doctor in bogus terror case

John Howard says he would prefer to be “safe than sorry” and is refusing to apologize to an Indian doctor who was held for three weeks under anti-terror laws, despite the fact that after three weeks his crack team was unable to file a single charge. Howard almost seems surprised that such a request would even be proposed. The entire event reminds me of the disgusting photo ops that the GOP rolled out a few years ago in the US when they talked about the great food and Caribbean setting for the prisoners being held at Gitmo.

Australia will not be apologising to Dr. Haneef,” he told reporters.

“Dr. Haneef was not victimised and Australia’s international reputation has not been harmed by this ‘mis-start’ to its new anti-terrorism laws.”

Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews, who has drawn fierce criticism for withdrawing Haneef’s working visa just hours after he was granted bail on the terror charge, also said he would not be apologising to the doctor.

“There’s nothing to apologise about because in my discretion, looking at the evidence that the Australian Federal Police provided to me, he failed the character grounds,” he told reporters in Hobart.

Why both with the truth when fear and smear works so well with core voters?

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