Watch Ann Coulter lose it

“I’ve never seen people avoid ideas as much in such an obvious way,” says the woman who wears the same slinky black dress to every interview and every speech, presumably to show off her legs and her cleavage (though it’s possible she’s simply doing an extended walk of shame from a decade-long one-night stand), and who every interview makes some outrageous comment, like wishing that John Edwards were assassinated or mocking the death of his teenage son in a car crash, in order to get attention. Yes, Ann Coulter never tries to avoid ideas.

She is a walking caricature of herself. But what’s most telling is how thin-skinned she is (which is a lesson that everyone should take to heart – responding to Coulter doesn’t help her cause, it drives her crazy AND she is a walking embarrassment to the GOP and the conservative cause). Listen to the tape. She’s on the verge of losing it, even though she’s hardly being challenged at all. She walks around calling people “fags,” mocking their dead children, wishing that they were murdered, then when people respond by saying “uh, you’re kind of mean,” Ann flips out over the level of venom that’s directed against her.

The lady is a tramp.

UPDATE: Greg Sargent notes that the article that Ann cites as “one of the greatest columns ever written” is the one in which she mocks the death of John Edwards’ son. Real class act.

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