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I never thought I’d have to be calling out Barack Obama for race-baiting, but here we are. And he’s not race-baiting whites, or Asians, or even Latinos. No, the African-American Senator from Illinois is race-baiting dark-skinned people. (A bit like me race-baiting Mediterraneans.)

I’d heard about this this morning – a memo that the Obama people were shopping around to the press – but didn’t get the full story, or the full flavor of the story, until just a few minutes ago. I thought Obama was simply going after Hillary for supporting outsourcing of jobs, or for Hillary being supported by people who are in favor of outsourcing. And sure enough, the Obama memo talks a good deal about outsourcing, though in ways that do seem to skirt the line of racism or at least xenophobia (calling her “HILLARY CLINTON (D-PUNJAB)”) and noting that “Hillary Clinton Accepted Almost $60,000 In Contributions From Employees Of Cisco Systems, Which Laid Off American Workers to Hire Indian ‘Techies.'” (I was a bit uncomfortable with the use of the word “Indian” over and over and over again in the memo.) But I still wasn’t sure that we had moved from outsourcing to racism until we hit the paragraph about all the money and support that Hillary has received from “Indian-Americans.” Sure, the rest of the memo deals with how one of Hillary’s top Indian-American supporters is allegedly a bit shady, and that’s fair game, but the memo is about more than that. The memo is clearly trying to make the point that Hillary gets lots and lots of support from Indian-Americans, and apparently there’s some kind of problem with that. I guess because their kin back home are stealing all of our good white jobs. (No word on whether they’re sleeping with our women too.)

The Indian-American community isn’t very thrilled about the memo (see this too), nor should they be.

I’d have asked the Obama campaign for comment on this story, but since they never bother to communicate with us, ever, I really wouldn’t know who to call.

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