Pentagon launches more witch hunts of Iraq war critics

In this case, they’re going after an Iraq war vet for wearing camouflage fatigues during a mock patrol protesting the war that took place in DC in March. Wearing camo? Funny that the Bush administration uses active and former military, in uniform, at practically every political event they hold, but the Pentagon has no problem when it’s the Republicans using our troops for political purposes.

Remember when Colorado Republican House member Marilyn Musgrave had active-duty troops in uniform at a political event during her re-election? I didn’t hear about those service members being in trouble. Remember when Bush did it in the White House a few months back (see photo at left), he had a whole crew of folks in uniform behind him at a terribly political event mean to bash Democrats over the war. The presence of uniformed American military at an event meant to declare Democrats unsupportive of our military implies that the military brass believes that Democrats are unsupportive of the military. That’s a huge declaration for a country in which the military is supposed to be subservient to the political leadership, and not the other way around. Not a word about any of them facing charges either. The simple fact is that there are two standards of law in America (that’s a violation of Equal Protection under the Constitution). One for Bush and company and one for the rest of us. And our military leaders have been just as corrupted by politics as the rest of the administration.

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