Obama’s senior staff defends racist attack on Indian-Americans, while Obama says his senior staff had nothing to do with it

You’ll recall that I wrote last Friday about an offensive email that Obama’s campaign sent to the media, trying to knock Hillary for having Indian-Americans attend her fundraisers (because, apparently, they’re not real Amurricans). Obama today said that the memo was a screw up and that neither he nor his senior staff had seen it. Unfortunately, Obama’s senior staff clearly approved of the memo retroactively as they were out telling the media that the memo was fine.

NYT: Asked about the document, Bill Burton, a spokesman for Mr. Obama, said: “We did give reporters a series of comments she made on the record and other things that are publicly available to anyone who has access to the Internet. I don’t see why anyone would take umbrage with that.”

Axelrod: “In this business, half the time we are being attacked for not being tough enough, and now we’re being attacked for being too harsh,” said David Axelrod, the campaign’s chief strategist. “The truth is that this is a tough, competitive business.”…. “Will we be judged by a different standard? We have, in many ways, held ourselves to a different standard,” Mr. Axelrod said, but added: “When they throw the stink bomb at you, you can’t be caught unaware.” [New York Times, 6/16/07]

So Obama would like us to think that none of his senior staff had anything to do with the memo, but at the same time we’re told that his senior staff has no problem with the memo and, we can only assume, would have approved it had they seen it, so why should we take any solace in the fact that they hadn’t seen it first? A bit like saying, I didn’t kill the guy, officer, but I would have.

I know some Indian-Americans with pretty good jobs here in town who were offended to their core at what they saw as a racist attack coming from the Obama campaign. Obama’s people did a terrible job of handling this episode. They’re only feeding the perception that perhaps they’re not yet ready for prime time. Pac at FireDogLake has more.

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