NBC’s David Gregory thinks we just need to “strip away” Ann Coulter’s inflammatory rhetoric to listen to her points

Not kidding. According to NBC’s David Gregory we’re all missing the very important points that Ann Coulter makes because we get caught up in her hate speech. He just said to Elizabeth Edwards “if you strip away some of the inflammatory rhetoric against your husband and other Democrats, the point she’s trying to make about your husband, Senator Edwards, running for the White House is in effect that he’s disingenuous…”

Okay, so much wrong with the way Gregory defends Coulter. Her hateful, inflammatory rhetoric can’t be stripped away — and let’s be honest, that’s why NBC and ABC put her on their t.v. shows. In typical fashion, he also tries to paint everyone with the same kind of hate speech. So, instead of putting Coulter on, NBC now has one of their top reporters defending her approach. Because, you know, if you strip away the fact that Coulter advocated the assassination of a leading presidential candidate, and mocked his dead son, there’s really such an important message buried inside.

Huh? Says so much.

Elizabeth Edwards handled it well, pretty much laughing at him — and made the key point — this is not about stripping away hateful rhetoric. The hate speech is the issue:

The traditional media has created Ann Coulter. They feed the beast. They enable her and her hate speech. And, we’re just all really stupid because we think the hate rhetoric matters.

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