Laura Bush says nutrition important for AIDS patients

Sure, that’s important but so are condoms, medicine, nurses and doctors which are lagging from her husbands moralistic plan for addressing the problem. If she wants to talk about vegetables and good nutrition, then perhaps she could explain how the hell people are supposed to work to either buy treatment or grow crops to survive when they are dying. I give Bush credit for promoting a lot more money to Africa than most countries but diverting over a billion dollars for moralizing is a senseless waste of money.

If over time the GOP wants to moralize, and they always love to moralize about sex, go ahead with church funds and private donations, but the problem today is trying to keep pace with the people who are dying who struggle to find anything that even remotely seems like medical care for most of us. Maybe the First Lady can spend some quality time with dying parents and orphaned children and report back how relevant veggies and well rounded meals are when people can’t even find a doctor, let along a nurse, let alone medicine or a parent. It’s great to see her raising the profile of the issues but I’m fed up with responding to real problems with Southern Baptist moralizing, which is a big part of Bush’s program.

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