Elizabeth Edwards challenges Ann Coulter on Hardball

Mrs. Edwards is really starting to make me happy. She just phoned in to Hardball and asked Ann Coulter to stop the “language of hate.” I missed the first part of Edwards’ call, and will tape it all later, but here is Coulter and Edwards replying to her. And Chris Matthews did his usual “ask a hard question, then when she doesn’t answer, move on to the next hard question.”

And don’t miss the nipple on the woman to the right of Coulter – it’s simply bizarre that any human being would dress in public like that. You really have to see it live on TV, it’s inappropriate as hell, and actually quite apropos of the entire broadcast (and typical of a Republican Coulter fan – no marriage for me, but feel free to flaunt your nipples in public).


UPDATE: ThinkProgress has the entire video now.

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