Bush’s escalation isn’t working. Only result is more dead American soldiers.

John posted The very significant NY Times article that says Bush’s escalation of the Iraq war isn’t quite working. Well, that’s what commanders on the ground are saying. Pro-Bush war Joe Lieberman claims he saw progress in Iraq last week, though. The recklessness among the war supporters is pervasive.

The only thing — the only thing — Bush has been right about is that more U.S. soldiers would die. He was wrong about the timing, telling us Iraq would get bloody in August. It’s horribly bloody now:

The U.S. military on Sunday announced the deaths of 14 soldiers in the last three days, a heavy toll that underscored the increased exposure of American forces as reinforcements push deeper into war-torn neighborhoods of Baghdad and outlying areas in a bid to flush out militants.

This bloodshed is only going to reinforce the opinion of the American people that this endless war has to end. Bush won’t let that happen. And, the Republicans who have enabled Bush’s endless war are going to be held accountable.

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