Blair knew Bush not prepared for post-war Iraq

With the end of the Blair era arriving this week there is no shortage of reviews of his tenure as PM. Some very interesting information is now coming out and it confirms what others were saying years ago, though were publicly dismissed by Blair and Bush, with those even suggesting such information attacked and smeared. Even when given the option to opt out of military involvement, Blair – obviously confident in Bush’s ability to win in Iraq and probably dreaming of a Churchill-like position in modern Britain – said “no” and insisted in being part of the military program.

Despite repeated public assurances that there was a post war plan, insiders are now saying quite the opposite, that Blair was upset with the lack of planning but saw no other option. Nevertheless, Blair still was fully on board with the Bush administration’s undefined plan for Iraq.

Putting aside Blair’s public confidence and obvious speaking abilities, let’s look at the end result instead of the stories about just how intelligent Blair is compared to Bush. Despite a lack of planning for post-war Iraq, Blair went above and beyond what Bush asked of him and sent UK troops for the war and occupation. UK troops were also involved in torture though Blair fought for years to block any attempts by families to seek legal recourse. Blair aggressively attacked all war critics, in particular the UK press who was firm in their opposition to the campaign and who pointed out failures and mismanagement of the war.

Forget about how intelligent Blair sounds in front of TV cameras, look at the end results. What’s worse between an idiot who leads the charge with no plans or a so-called smart, Oxford educated person that follows an idiot at every turn despite knowing there is no plan?

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