US military talking to Brits about how long gay-ban should be continued

Putting aside the incredibly homophobic photo accompanying this article in the New York Times (more on that later), this news will likely not sit well with America’s Taliban. More from the NYT (via Signorile), quoting a British Defense Ministry official:

“There are some sensitivities over the timing of this. We have had communications from our counterparts in the United States, and they have asked us questions about how we’ve handled it and how it’s gone on the ground. There does seem to be some debate going on over how long the current policy will be sustainable.”

Now back to the Times’ ill-advised choice of a photo of some drag queens to illustrate how “normal” British gay soldiers are.

This was something the American press did like clockwork in the 1990s and before. If they covered a gay event or gay issue, they simply had to accompany the article with a flamboyant photo of a drag queen. I love a good drag queen, and the photo in the Times is adorable. But I like that photo because I’m gay (and/or gay-friendly). I wonder how many straight people who find themselves in the middle on gay issues, or even those slightly (or majorly) predisposed against us (especially on the gay-ban), will have their subtle prejudices reinforced by a photo that pretty much makes gay people look like effete fools. Because, you know, nudge nudge wink wink, the women are butch and everything, so maybe they’re okay in the military, but the guys are all men who just yearn to put up on women’s make-up and wigs – hardly the manly men you’d want fighting the terrorists, let alone sleeping in the cot next to you. That’s the stereotype, and that’s why there was such an outcry against the previous media bias about publishing such photos every time a gay issue arose. The media got over their bias a long time ago. And now, it seems, we’ve had a relapse.

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