Today Giuliani is for civil unions, two weeks ago he opposed them, but three weeks ago he was for them

It’s all so confusing. Just two weeks ago, Rudy came out opposed to civil unions, even though he was previously for civil unions. Now today Rudy is again for civil unions. While it’s nice that Rudy is finally telling the truth about his being a liberal, it’s still disturbing that he’s flip-flopped twice in the past two weeks on this issue. He did the same thing on abortion (the media has been paying attention to the abortion flip-flop, but missed the gay one). So which Rudy is which, why did he flip flop (twice), and how do we know he won’t flip flop again when it’s next convenient? I mean, the man lied to the American people during the presidential debate, got caught, and now is changing his position again as a result. Lying is kind of a big deal.

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