Romney now basing his presidential decision-making on his religion, but don’t you dare ask him about his religion

So which one is it? Is Mitt Romney’s Mormon religion off limits for everybody but Mitt Romney? It’s okay for him to give a religious reason for policy decisions, but not okay for anyone else to inquire more about Romney’s religion. What other policy decisions is Mitt Romney going to make based on the Mormon religion? Romney, like so many folks on the religious right (even though Romney isn’t really religious right, he’s a far-left liberal who’s only now pretending to be a right-winger) firmly believe that their religion should be the basis of every political decision they make, but when you ask just what their religion is all about, they get all offended, when they’re the ones who made their religion an issue to start with.

And let’s not ignore what’s really going on here. Romney is worried that the religious right, and a lot of Americans, won’t vote for him because he’s a Mormon. So he’s now quoting the Bible to show that he’s really one of us. The real reason most Americans won’t vote for Romney is because he’s a lying hypocrite whose views on everything from guns, to gays, to the environment, to abortion change every two years based on the political winds.

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