Hitchens on Falwell

When Hitchens is good, he’s really good. This is one of those times.

As an aside, the very fact that Falwell is being compared on some conservative blogs to Princess Diana, Mother Teresa, and JFK (I’m not kidding), is all the more reason the public should be made aware of just who this man was, just what he represented. If we fail to remember the lessons of history, we are doomed to repeat them. He was a bad man representing bad people. Not because he was a conservative, and not because his people were Christians. But because he was a hateful bigot representing a small but powerful extremist fringe of Christians who even after his death want to jam their own version of Christianity down the throats of the majority of Christians (and others) like me who don’t agree with them, which is our right. They don’t want freedom of religion, they want freedom for their religion, exclusively. While Falwell may be gone, his people and the dangers they pose to our democracy and our freedoms and our religions remain. It is our duty not to let Falwell’s followers rewrite his legacy in an effort to propagate his damage after death.


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