Dobson tells Rudy to go to hell – knocks his multiple marriages, adultery, and dressing in drag

Well this is going to be fun. The religious right is finally playing the “divorce” card, something our Joe has been predicting for over a year now. They aren’t interested in gay marriage, they’re interested in all marriages, YOUR marriage(s). And they won’t stop until all of America lives under laws that reflect the Baptist view of life.

A few excerpts from Dobson’s broadside yesterday:

There are other moral concerns about Giuliani’s candidacy that conservatives should find troubling. He has been married three times, and his second wife was forced to go to court to keep his mistress out of the mayoral mansion while the Giuliani family still lived there. Talk about tap dancing. Also during that time, the mayor used public funds to provide security services for his girlfriend. The second Mrs. Giuliani finally had enough of his philandering and, as the story goes, forced him to move out. He lived with friends for a while and then married his mistress. Unlike some other Republican presidential candidates, Giuliani appears not to have remorse for cheating on his wife….

One more question: Shouldn’t the American people be able to expect a certain decorum and dignity from the man who occupies the White House? On this measure, as well, Giuliani fails miserably. Much has been written in the blogosphere about his three public appearances in drag. In each instance, he tried to be funny by dressing like a woman. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan, who loved a good joke, doing something so ignoble in pursuit of a cheap guffaw? Not on your life.

Very interesting that Dobson leaves the door open, above, for Republican candidates who cheat on their wives. Per Dobson, it’s okay so long as you have “remorse” after the fact. Well, gee, thanks Rev. We’ll all make sure to go and break every commandment and then some, then simply say “oops, sorry” and get your blessing for president. Jesus, do these people stand for anything?

Now watch Giuliani in drag making out with Donald Trump (really).


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