Cheap skate Marine corps chose to let our Marines die from IEDs rather than give them the equipment they needed

Oh yeah, and the Marine Corps lied about it to. So much for “honor.” If you’re going to let your own guys die because you’re too cheap to save their lives, you can at least admit it.

From the Associated Press, here’s how they decided NOT to get the IED-proof vehicles that our troops urgently requested:

Brig. Gen. Robert Milstead, chief of Marine Corps public affairs, said cost was not a factor in choosing the Humvee.

“This was not a budgetary decision,” Milstead said Wednesday. “You can take that to the bank.”

The internal document, however, states that the cost of building new vehicles was a primary reason the request was denied by the Marine Corps Combat Development Command in Quantico, Va.

And we just gave these bozos another $100 billion because they accused us of not caring about the troops. If Bill Clinton had done this, let our troops die because he was too cheap while at the same time posturing about those same IEDs, it’d have been the end of his presidency. We really are pathetic.

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