Associated Press prints false Cheney claims unchallenged

They don’t call them the Associated Pravda for nothing. AP has become a shell of its former self. They used to do journalism. Now they’re little more than stenographers, reprinting any assertion, however outlandish, from the Bush administration as fact.

For example:

“We’re fighting a war over there because the enemy attacked us first,” Cheney said.

Iraq had nothing to with September 11. Why did AP fail to mention that?

The terrorism fight now centers on Iraq, the vice president said, because that is where the enemy has massed.

The war in Iraq started before the “enemy” was amassed there. Again, AP couldn’t mention this?

He promised that the Army will have all the manpower, equipment and support it needs.

This, the same day we learn that the Bush administration refused to give our troops IED-proof vehicles because the Bushies were too cheap.

In AP’s eyes, one assumes, it would be biased of them to challenge Cheney’s lies. They see their job as the daily stenographers of the administration’s latest tales. They are simply unable to look at any of their stories in a larger context, going so far as to contradict their own previous stories because to reference those previous stories, to note facts that prove the administration’s latest assertions to be untrue, is somehow “biased.” Yes, the truth is now “biased.” So AP simply reprints the lies, unchallenged. Who needs FAX machines when we can read partisan press releases on AP.

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