Even more Romney flip-flops on gays, stem cells, abortion, environment – this is bad

This is bad for Romney. We can now add the environment to the litany of issues that Mitt Romney suddenly flip-flopped on in the past few years, once he decided he wanted to run for president. But it’s worse than that. Remember how Romney now claims that his views on stem cell research have changed (he’s now opposed) because of a shocking personal experience? Well, he claimed the same thing a few years ago as justification for why he supported stem cell research – yes, another shocking personal experience.

And in many cases, he said his commitment had been cemented by watching the suffering of someone dear to him: a grandchild whose asthma left him worried about air pollution; his wife’s multiple sclerosis, which had him placing hope in embryonic stem cell research; the death of a distant relative in an illegal abortion, convincing him that the procedure needed to remain legal.

All of Romney’s liberal views were based on shocking personal experiences, then he decided to run for president and came up with new shocking personal experiences that could justify him wooing the far-right of the Republican party. This guy is a snake.

Oh yeah, more on the snake being uber pro-gay just four years ago.

He met gay-rights activists on their turf, in a restaurant attached to a popular gay bar, and told skeptics he would be a “good voice” and a moderating force within his party.

Then there’s this:

“There’s a benefit to simplicity. I’m a strong believer in stating your position and not wavering,” he said at the 2002 meeting with the group, according to notes taken by then-NARAL officer Nicole Roos that were private until being shared with the Los Angeles Times.

Sure is.

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