Senate candidate Bob Corker (R-TN) says Republican National Committee is refusing to remove racist TV ad from Tennessee

Well that’s interesting. Bob Corker, who is a Republican running for Senator from Tennessee, says that the Republican National Committee – that would be the Republican party in Washington, DC – is refusing to stop running a racist TV ad that they’re broadcasting in Tennessee. When pressed by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer as to whether he has called anyone at the RNC or the White House to demand that the ad be taken down, Corker couldn’t answer the question.

Bottom line, he’s not trying very hard to get the racist ad off of TV. (Or, it’s as he says – the Republican Party leadership is refusing to stop running a racist ad because it believes racism wins white votes, and I suppose on that account they’re immoral but correct.) How hard is it to get the head of the Republican party to stop running a racist ad in your state that you, the Republican Senate candidate, feel is hurting your race? It’s not difficult at all.

Corker is lying.

Josh Marshall has the racist ad, an analysis of it, and he exposes how the RNC is now lying about it simply has no power to pull down its own ad.

So much for that Republican outreach to the black community. I guess, in the end, the Republicans figured that you can get a lot more white voters with racism than you can black voters with civil rights. Disgusting.

Here is how Josh describes the ad:

The ad, in case you aren’t familiar with it, is a cartoonish spot which might be subtitled, ‘Harold Ford is an uppity negro who does the wild thing with white women.’

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