Photographer: Scalia lied in saying he didn’t make an obscene gesture at church; Scalia also told reporter to “go get f’d up the ass” in Italian

The photographer has come forward, angered that Scalia lied. The photo is published in today’s Boston Herald.

Per the Herald:

Amid a growing national controversy about the gesture U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia made Sunday at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, the freelance photographer who captured the moment has come forward with the picture.

“It’s inaccurate and deceptive of him to say there was no vulgarity in the moment,” said Peter Smith, the Boston University assistant photojournalism professor who made the shot.

Despite Scalia’s insistence that the Sicilian gesture was not offensive and had been incorrectly characterized by the Herald as obscene, the photographer said the newspaper “got the story right.”

And just as importantly, Scalia also told the reporter to go get fucked up the ass, in Italian:

“The judge paused for a second, then looked directly into my lens and said, ‘To my critics, I say, ‘Vaffanculo,’ ” punctuating the comment by flicking his right hand out from under his chin, Smith said.

Vaffanculo means “go get f’d up your ass.”

So, rather than simply moving his hand under his chin to indicate “indifference,” which is what Scalia claimed he was doing in an open letter to the Herald, in fact Scalia flipped off the media and used a phrase in Italian that is incredibly vulgar, and that only reinforces the gesture not being a sign of indifference, but the gesture itself meaning “fuck you” in Italian.

He did this minutes after taking the Eucharist (communion), in church, during Lent, and two weeks before Easter. In addition, he’s now lying again during Lent and right before Easter.

Some man of conservative family values. He’s not even a good Christian, let alone a good Christian conservative. Which begs the question of what the religious has to say about their darling being an obscene liar who shows disrespect in church?:

“We were hoping the President might elevate someone like Scalia,” said Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council.

Still hoping a foul-mouthed man who disrespects church during Lent becomes the standard-bearer for Supreme Court justices?

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