UN gives “go-ahead” for Khmer Rouge trials

Nothing gets by this clever bunch at the UN. Yes, 30 years after Pol Pot and his maniacs took control of Cambodia the UN is jumping right on to this and giving the go-ahead for the trials. Whew! Don’t rush or anything because everyone just might be dead if you wait a few more years. Obviously the UN has been caught in a struggle between giants including China for some time over this obvious case of countless crimes against humanity. I wonder if those Reagan-lovers out there are still proud of ol’ Ronnie and his preference for supporting Pol Pot in the UN. Oh yes, a proud moment for all lovers of democracy out there in wingnut land.

If a free press existed in China, one that did not continue to throw members of the press into prison, perhaps someone could ask Mr. Hu about why China has not contributed or pledged any money to this ridiculously expensive war crimes trial. Japan has pledged $21 Million for this but perhaps China already maxed out it’s allotment for Cambodia after years of extensive support for Pol Pot and the murderers of the Khmer Rouge.

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