TBOGG: Think of yourself as paparazzi for values

Thanks to TBOGG…this one is great!

Extra extra extra extra extra extra credit if anyone has photos exposing hypocrisy with anti-gay Republicans.

Since I wasn’t in Boston to cover the Democratic convention (as well as be there when Jonah Goldberg woke up the next morning with his pants on backwards) I feel like I haven’t done my part to help restore democracy in America. With the Republicans about to invade NYC (they’re the puffy-looking white people with the bad haircuts…yeah, those guys) I was thinking that, with your help, we can help publicize all the good things that the delegates will be doing when they come to the Big Apple. More specifically, I guess, we’re really looking for who they’re doing.

If you’re a New Yorker with a digital camera or a phone camera and better than average run-away speed, we’d love to see any pictures you might have of Republican delegates as they visit the big city…or massage parlors…or hotel lobbies with women who may not be their wives (Handy Tip: If she’s attractive and isn’t wearing a red white and blue elephant pin, she’s probably not Mrs. Delegate from Possum Holler). Details (who and where) would be appreciated. If you’ve got pictures…we want ’em. If you want credit…you got it. Extra credit for shots in front of strip clubs. Extra extra credit if you catch a pundit. Extra extra extra credit if you catch Rick Santorum going into a pet store. Extra extra extra extra credit if you catch him coming out with Ann Coulter.

All we ask is that you be careful. We don’t have a lot of readers and we want to keep the ones we have. And you should ask yourself:

Is this wrong? Is it unethical? Am I playing God with someone’s life?

Then take a look around at what has happened in this country in the last four years. Our operators are standing by…

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