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The aftermath of Biden’s victory, and Covid is back

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Monday’s podcast is about the election aftermath and the resurgence of Covid. You can listen to a 30-minute free excerpt below, and then the entire podcast for patrons over at ...

Guest Mary Trump on Donald’s downfall

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She’s back! Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, joins us once again to help us get inside Trump’s mind, post-election. We had a lot of fun with Mary, I think you’ll ...

BIDEN WINS! Victory margin equivalent to JFK, Truman

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Finally. We recorded this show right after the networks declared Biden the winner. Our main topic is just how historic a victory this was for Biden/Harris — it wasn’t a ...

Biden has now won, but the danger isn’t over

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In today’s show, we walk you through where things stand with the election, and even with Biden pretty much having locked it down, what dangers remain between now and the inauguration. ...

CyberDisobedience, my new Substack newsletter

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Hey everyone. In honor of the election, I’ve just launched CyberDisobedience, a Substack newsletter devoted to chronicling the aftermath of the 2020 election, and ensuring that ...

Biden is actually winning, here’s why

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Put away the grape Kool-Aid, we think Joe Biden is winning. In today’s UnPresidented Podcast, we tell you why. This is a premium episode for our Patreon subscribers — you ...
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