rand paul video

Rand’s rollout violates copyright and touts “eductation” policy, among other SNAFUs

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Apparently, his staff needs a 21st Century eductation on how to operate online.

Social media survey: Dems, women face most online harassment

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A new poll shows that Democrats, and women, report being harassed more on social media than GOP ers or men.

“Charlie bit my finger,” the movie (funny video)

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It’s been 20 years. Charlie, the finger-biting English boy is all grown up. And his brother is out for revenge.

87 y.o. cussing gamer-Granny comes with a content warning

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“Come on, die die die! You wanker. You won’t get any more of my money, gas bastard. That’s the end of you lot.”
Chelyabinsk meteor

Asteroid / meteor hits Russia, huge shockwave (updated videos)

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A large meteor, or possibly small asteroid, exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, causing damage in 6 cities.
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