A wonderful story about some runners spontaneously thanking a 95 y.o. WWII vet.

Runners leave fundraising race to shake hands with 95 y.o. WWII vet (video)

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Joe Bell is a 95 year old WWII vet, who decided to put on his old uniform to watch a marathon fundraiser.

WWII gun camera footage of Japanese planes being shot down (video)

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Amazing and disturbing video that looks like something out of Hollywood, and it’s definitely not.
Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz (bottom right) lead "veterans" in protesting the Republicans own shutdown of the government.

Sarah Palin joins Ted Cruz, confederate flag, as new face of shutdown

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Palin led Tea Partyers, and confederate flag wavers, in protesting the GOP govt shutdown that she supported.

Neat video map of WWII in Europe, day by day over the course of the war

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A cool idea, showing who controlled different parts of Europe, day by day, over the course of World War II.

Family of Siberian hermits lived outside civilization 40 yrs, hadn’t heard of WWII

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Fascinating video of a family of ultra-religious Russians who moved to the Siberian wilderness in 1936.
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