Watch 3 people hear for the 1st time, thanks to cochlear implants (video)

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Could you hear those words? Yes, yes!

Seriously don’t knock on the glass at a hockey game (video)

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She got more of an up-close experience than she’d bargained for.
Helen Ann Williams

Woman stabs husband with squirrel for not buying beer Christmas Eve

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Another woman stabs her fiance over wedding color schemes, and in Florida a man is shot for texting in a movie.
Robert J. Daveant / Shutterstock.com

Hospital keeps pregnant, brain-dead woman alive, contrary to husband’s wishes

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A fascinating, and sad, case from Texas of a man whose 14-weeks pregnant wife was found unconscious.

Seal befriends woman on beach (video)

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The huge seal approaches the woman, nuzzles with her, then jumps on her lap.

Racist goes off on Japanese woman on London Tube, later he’s arrested (video)

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The man has since been arrested for “suspicion of a racially aggravated public order offense.”
Chelsea Mannings official military photo.

Bradley Manning: “I am Chelsea Manning, I am a woman”

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Because of the gender change, convicted-leaker Manning appears to no longer be gay.

Woman, deaf since 2, hears for first time (video)

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She had never heard her two year old son before. Now she can, with a cochlear implant.

Woman befriends baby goats, adorableness ensues (video)

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What do you call a swarm of love-filled baby goats?
Air marshall escorts woman belting out Whitney Houston's "I'll always love you" off of American Airlines flight.

AA flight emergency lands to arrest woman singing “I’ll always love you” non-stop (video)

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Oh yes, there’s video.

Woman hangs on to great white shark for a ride (video)

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A freediver swims with a great white shark and holds on for a ride. Amazing, and absolutely insane video.
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