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Merrick Garland is a smart choice for Supreme Court

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The Garland choice will expose GOP as angry partisans working on behalf of an angry presidential candidate.
Fox News' version of Cliven Bundy.

Cliven Bundy is a seditious liar, not a patriot

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Bundy claims there’s no such thing as federally-owned land, and doesn’t recognize the US govt. “as even existing.”
Glenn Greenwald

Leave Glenn Greenwald alone

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Someone unhappy with Glenn’s Greenwald’s reporting on the NSA is trying to smear him with the media.

I am Bradley Manning (video)

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A host of famous progressives, young & old, walk through who Bradley Manning is, and why they think he’s a hero.
Amanda Bynes via flickr

America, please stop caring so much about Amanda Bynes (video)

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When I first saw so many people talking about Amanda Bynes, I said “who?” And now that I know, I care even less.

Boston Marathon bombing Suspect #1’s wife refusing to talk to the feds

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I could see why any Muslim might be concerned about speaking to the FBI. But still, this story bothers me.
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