ACTION: Call these Republicans to support Cancel the Sequester (HR 900)

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How to motivate House Republicans to cancel the Sequester (or vote No on a benefit cuts deal) — plus a list.
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ACTION ALERT: Which Democrats to call to head off a bad sequester deal

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Help us make sure that House Democrats sink any sequester deal that contains benefit cuts.
US Capitol House Senate congress

Filibuster Reform vote Jan. 22: Keep calling senators

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“Merkley joined NM Sen. Tom Udall & IA Sen. Tom Harkin to officially roll out the possible filibuster change
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ACTION ALERT: We are 2 senators away from filibuster reform; call today

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The U.S. Senate needs filibuster reform to become a functioning body. We’re almost there. You can help.

Potential GOP “no”-votes on Obama-Boehner fiscal cliff deal

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Call the Republicans and tell them to vote “no.” It’s that simple.
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(Updated) Congress’ schedule & House GOP vote count for Boehner-Obama fiscal cliff deal

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Feel like making some calls to Repubicans to sink the Boehner-Obama deal? Here are some useful phone numbers.
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(Updated) New action page to stop benefit cuts

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New senate contact page. Here’s all you need to stop benefit cuts in the House, Senate, or the president’s desk.
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