Ruth Bader Ginsburg, via Creative Commons

Did Notorious RBG drop a hint on marriage equality last weekend?

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A little extra emphasis on the word “Constitution” could be going a long way.
secular wedding minister

After marriage equality, let’s win secular wedding equality

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Secular Americans shouldn’t have to choose between fake belief and bureaucracy on their wedding day.
Marco Rubio, these cookies aren't for you, via Creative Commons

4 questions that GOP candidates don’t deserve a cookie for if they answer correctly

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You get no bonus points for saying what everyone else already knows.

Gay marriages have begun in England and Wales!

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At midnight, England time (8pm Eastern US), gay marriage became legal in England, and the weddings have commenced.
Queen Latifah. Jaguar PS /

Furor over closeted lesbian Queen Latifah officiating mass gay wedding at Grammys

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33 couples got married at the Grammys this past Sunday, several of which were gay.
"Remarriage" -- a revolutionary concept for Indian culture

Groundbreaking TV ad challenges conservative India’s opposition to divorce, remarriage

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It’s unheard of to get divorced, let alone remarried, in India. But that didn’t stop one advertiser.

Stephen Colbert holds a wedding that was pre-empted by govt. shutdown

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Smokey the Bear was the best man. And Audra McDonald sings an amazing version of “White Wedding.”

Should gays permit discrimination in the name of tolerance?

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When I hear people talk about how gays need to be tolerant of intolerance, I cry foul.

A beautiful story of love and marriage in the wake of Prop 8’s demise

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The story of how our writer, Chris Andoe, married his longtime boyfriend, Damon An Harris, last week in SF.
The kiss heard round the world – France celebrates its 1st gay marriage

The kiss heard round the world – France celebrates its 1st gay marriage

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France held its 1st gay marriage in the city of Montpellier, where Vincent and Bruno became husband & husband.

Adorable surprise flash-mob (gay) wedding proposal (video)

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Sadly, the happy couple won’t be together because of DOMA, and gays being axed from immigration reform.

Sign our e-card congratulating Dan Savage on his marriage to boyfriend-no-more Terry

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Dan Savage finally got to legally wed his boyfriend-no-more Terry Miller in Washington State this morning.
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