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Facebook Tweet Reddit goes offline, mysteriously.

Stephen Colbert on McDonald’s and the minimum wage

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“It doesn’t matter how little you are paid, if you’re poor, it’s your fault.”

GOP’s problem? Not enough cats.

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GOP “youth outreach” is at it again, with a trendy new Web site guaranteed to capture the under-70 vote.

Vatican Web site gets Pope Francis’ name wrong, twice

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Getting Bergoglio wrong I can kind of understand, but Francis?

Does Congress really suck?

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Does Congress really suck? Good question. Now there’s a cool, interactive Web site to help you find the answer.
NRA ad site targeting obama girls

NRA ad targeting Sasha, Malia is “repugnant, cowardly” (White House)

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NRA ad suggests Obama kids are spoiled, elitist, rich kids for having Secret Service protection.
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