Kremlin posts White House Web site petition demanding Alaska back

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The petition was posted to show how “dangerous” free speech is. Seriously.

Coke Web site: “Not very classy” to ask questions about gay rights

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Coca-Cola’s “virtual agent” takes visible offense when asked about questions concerns gays and lesbians.
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OMG Obamacare’s Spanish-language site is all wrong! Or not.

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Critics claim the Spanish-language version of the ACA Web site got the word “premium” wrong. But it didn’t.

Video: CNN employee’s own mistake crashed Obamacare Web page

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CNN’s “expert” decided, bizarrely, to refresh the Obamacare Web page while his application was being processed.

Halle-freaking-lujah, the Obamacare Web site makeover ROCKS

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3 clicks and you can see every plan, in detail, and its price. No account creation necessary. Simply Brilliant.

She’s cutting premiums 23% with Obamacare. Want proof? Here you go

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She’s saving $100 on health insurance premiums because of Obamacare, but was told “you lie!” Here’s the proof.
During the worst of Hurricane Katrina, George Bush celebrated John McCain's birthday in California, Aug. 29, 2005.

The Obamacare Web site is not Obama’s Katrina

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1,833 people didn’t die when the Obamacare web site glitched, and it didn’t cost the American people $100 bn.

Colbert: Missing smiling Obamacare Web site lady done in by death panel

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Apparently the vaguely ethnic, smiling Obamacare Web site lady is gone. Because that was the biggest problem.

Joan Walsh is a bad, bad man

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Salon editor Walsh got some (sexist) heat for criticizing progressives who trashed Obamacare exchange sites.

Anonymous may have just crashed NSA’s Web site

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No word yet from the Republicans as to whether the NSA need now be defunded as their Web site doesn’t work.
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A disheartening visit to

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As far as I’m concerned, trying right now to apply for insurance through is a waste of time.

Jon Stewart on the Obamacare Web site snafu (video)

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Another lousy experience on the federal exchange – it wanted to check my credit in order to simply browse plans.

He just wanted to browse health care plans. He got the Spanish Inquisition.

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By the time the Obamacare site demanded a scan of my driver’s license I could almost hear the German accent.
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