David Vitter, via Wikimedia Commons

As America’s infrastructure crumbles, water privatization becomes more likely

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Why manage our own natural resources when corporations are willing to do it for us (for insane profits)?
Rush Limbaugh, via DonkeyHotey / Flickr

Rush Limbaugh: NASA probably made up water on Mars to promote liberal agenda on Earth

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Leave it to Rush Limbaugh to look at science and say, “Nah, must be a liberal conspiracy.”
USS Annapolis, via Wikimedia Commons

National Intelligence Council: Water wars are coming

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Wars are fought over resources, and the world is running low on its most basic one.
Mad Max, via Wikimedia Commons

Mad Max’s reboot: Feminism and environmentalism as told through explosions

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The dystopian action franchise rights the wrongs of its previous films.
Nestle, via Creative Commons

Nestle is closing in on privatized water in Oregon

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The company will make over 99% profit on the water it extracts from one rural community.
Pollen, via Creative Commons

The reasons for sneezin’ this allergy season

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Have you been to the drug store yet?
Global water, via Shutterstock

New Jersey privatizes its water in the worst way possible

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Many New Jerseyans will soon have private water with no public recourse.

Flyboarding — who knew? (quite a cool video)

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Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles that provide thrust for the rider to fly.

Aaron Schock finds a new reason to show off his chest

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Schock joins other in taking the oddly-somewhat-controversial ALS challenge, involving a bucket of ice water.

Waiter-less super-automated Japanese restaurant (video)

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An interesting video of a restaurant in Japan that’s taken automation to an extreme. There are no servers.

Baby otter introduced to water for the first time (video)

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There otter be a law against such cuteness.

Guys give restaurant servers $200 just to make their day (video)

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This was sweet. I always love these videos.

Awfully cool water light show at a dept. store in S. Korea (video)

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I suspect most of the tricks are plays with the light. It’s quite cool.
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