Hillary Clinton with Tim Geithner, via

Hillary’s financiers completely unfazed by her campaign trail populism

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Hillary been railing against the One Percent in Iowa, but her Wall St. donors are shrugging their shoulders.
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The Democratic party has lost its soul: Clinton, Obama and the victory of Wall Street Democrats

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A Clinton insider details how the Democratic party has lost its soul. I reflect on Netroots Nation.
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Obama TPP trade officials got hefty bonuses from Big Banks as “reward” for joining govt

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Obama TPP officials getting paid in advance for what? Protecting corporate interests on the government’s dime?
Hillary texting for climate advice. Can we have a text too please?

The Deafening Silence of Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has yet to declare herself publicly on a variety of issues, yet she speaks to Goldman Sachs. Why?
I'll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold drag heads. (Shutterstock)

Glitter is now “bio-terrorism”

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Enviro protesters charged with terror for having glitter on banner. HSBC wrist-slapped for ACTUALLY aiding terror.
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Hillary Clinton & the Wall Street plutocrats who paid her $200,000 for one speech

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Clinton to Wall Street: I think going easy on your good souls is the right thing to do. And thanks for the $200k.

Legal bribery: Tim Geithner earns $400,000 for 3 speeches on Thank You Street

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Geithner made sure Goldman Sachs got 100 cents on the dollar in the AIG bailout. Now it’s his turn for thanks.

Jon Stewart: DOJ investigates potheads, hackers, reporters – but no banks

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Jon Stewart on “too big to jail.”

Rachel Maddow talks to Joe Stiglitz, Frank Rich about income inequality (video)

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Joe Stiglitz and Frank Rich discuss why a booming Wall Street is having little impact on income inequality.

The moral environment on Wall Street is pathological — money rules all

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This has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans. The corrupting influence of Wall Street is everywhere.
NEW YORK CITY - MAY 16: A homeless man sleeps on the streets May 16, 2010 in New York, New York. SeanPavonePhoto / Shutterstock.com

Fox thinks poverty in America is too sexy

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Fox News has a discussion about how America has so many poor because it’s too “comfortable” an option.
Goldman Sachs logo

Shareholder proposes Goldman Sachs run for office as a person

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Goldman’s shareholder was sick and tired of the company’s shadowy role in spending millions lobbying Washington.
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Credit Suisse profits plummet 24%, cuts 2,300 jobs, then gives CEO & chairman 33% raise

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It’s nice to know 2,300 employees were willing to sacrifice their careers to pay for two men’s 33% pay raise.
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