Burger and fries via Shutterstock

A $15 minimum wage for fast food workers would raise the price of a Big Mac by 17 cents

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A common argument against raising the minimum wage, debunked.
Jeb Bush, via Gage Skidmore / Flickr

Jeb Bush’s solution for economic growth: “work longer hours”

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And we thought we needed Donald Trump to say what the GOP’s really thinking.
The Capitol, via Christopher Parypa / Shutterstock.com

Senate cooks go on strike, highlighting issues with privatized public services

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America gets the government it (doesn’t) pay for.
Comcast CEO Brian Roberts.

Comcast CEO paid $30m last year – now you know why you pay $200 a month

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Want to guess why your Comcast cable and Internet costs nearly $200 a month for no-frills service?
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