Daily Show on fallout from Sup. Ct. striking down Voting Rights Act

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Aasif Mandvi interviews a North Carolina GOP leader who pretty much hangs himself talking about “vote fraud.”
Neither of these faces is going to woo young voters.

How the Supreme Court just killed off the GOP

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Republicans on the Supreme Court did the GOP no favor by green-lighting voter suppression via the VRA decision.

Colbert Report and Daily Show on the Supreme Court’s Voting Rights Act decision

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“Chief Justice John Roberts knows that the South doesn’t need to be babysat anymore.”

John Lewis: Supreme Court stabbed civil rights law “in its very heart”

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The Supreme Court today gutted a key enforcement mechanism of the Voting Rights Act.
Vote by Shutterstock.

“Republican Party doesn’t want black people to vote,” per Texas Tea Party

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A Texas Tea Party Republican admitted at a state party meeting that the GOP doesn’t want blacks to vote.
the South

Is the South more racist than the North?

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Justices Scalia and Roberts think racism is over. Apparently they don’t get out much.
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