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Iowa judge rules against voting rights for felons, state Supreme Court expected to weigh in

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As if denying ex-felons voting rights wasn’t bad enough, Iowa’s policy is self-contradictory and legally murky.
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, via Wikimedia Commons

Alabama closes nearly half of its drivers license bureaus, complicating photo ID requirement

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Yet another reason why we need a constitutional right to vote.
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Automatic voter registration moving through California legislature

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The bill, modeled after Oregon’s new law, is good. But it could do more.
Lisa Murkowski, via Wikimedia Commons

Lisa Murkowski becomes first non-Democrat to endorse updated Voting Rights Act

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One Republican does not final passage make, but voting rights advocates will take it.
Flag of Texas, via Wikimedia Commons

Texas challenges what little is left of the Voting Rights Act

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Not one to be messed with, Texas is challenging what little is left of the Voting Rights Act.
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Native American Voting Rights Act seeks to close 17 percent turnout gap

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The Voting Rights Act of 1964 doesn’t fully apply to Native Americans. This bill would change that.
Lyndon Johnson hands the pen used to sign the Voting Rights Act to Martin Luther King, Jr., via Wikimedia Commons

The RNC’s statement on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act is as laughable as it is insulting

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On the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, voting rights have become a uniformly partisan issue.
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Federal appeals court unanimously strikes down Texas’s voter ID law on narrow grounds

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The limited basis on which the law was struck down shows the need for an affirmative constitutional right to vote.
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73,000 felons to have their voting rights restored as California drops appeal

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Great news for voting rights and criminal justice reform advocates.
Martin O'Malley, via Edward Kimmel / Flickr

Martin O’Malley calls for constitutional amendment guaranteeing affirmative right to vote

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An affirmative right to vote would be a major change in the legal framework surrounding our elections.
No Person is Illegal, via miguelb / Flickr

What’s the big deal about undocumented immigrants voting?

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Undocumented immigrants with a stake in American society deserve a say.

Missouri green-lights petition to put photo ID in the state’s constitution

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Missouri’s Supreme Court ruled photo ID requirements unconstitutional in 2006.

IJReview: Voter ID laws not racist because Mandela

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An argument by association isn’t a valid argument. It’s a dodge.
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