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Kill the Caucus

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Hillary Clinton won the Nevada Caucuses, but even her supporters agreed the process was a disaster.
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We should let high schoolers and non-citizen residents vote in local elections

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Non-adults and non-citizen residents have a greater stake in local elections than many adult citizens.
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I guess it’s time to cap the voting age — at 65

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Apparently seniors can’t be trusted with the ballot, guys.
Kris Kobach, via Wikimedia Commons

Kris Kobach registers two plaintiffs to vote in suspended voter lawsuit, files motion to dismiss

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The lengths he’s going to maintain an inefficient and illegal system are astounding.
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Cross-pressured voting and the failure of Ohio’s marijuana oligopoly

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If anything, liberals defeated Issue 3, not the other way around.
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Court overturns New Hampshire’s ban on selfies in the polling booth, undermines secret ballot

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Rick Hasen is right: Selfies are a threat to democracy.
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What’s the big deal about undocumented immigrants voting?

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Undocumented immigrants with a stake in American society deserve a say.
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Pop stars in Democratic politics

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Katy Perry just changed her Twitter avatar to match Hillary Clinton’s logo, continuing a trend.
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America is years away from being able to implement online voting

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Online voting is a great idea in theory, but our government is years away from being able to make it a reality.
Voting rights protest, via Michael Fleshman / Flickr

On anniversary of Shelby v Holder, Democrats introduce bill to restore Voting Rights Act

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Another unarguably good idea set to die in a Republican-controlled legislature.
Rick Perry, via AddictingInfo

A Texan pleads with Texas: We can do better

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Texas doesn’t have to be the craziest state in the Union.
Anti-voter ID protest, via Creative Common

Same-day voter registration introduced in Pennsylvania legislature

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There is no argument against same-day registration that isn’t transparently partisan.
A rhetorical question, via Wikimedia Commons

Supreme Court to reconsider whether one person really does equal one vote

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Two Texans are arguing that illegal immigrants are diluting their voting power.
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