Anti-voter ID protest, via Creative Common

Voter ID laws can actually cause the problem they’re meant to solve

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It’s entirely possible that voter ID requirements make electoral outcomes less accurate.
Computer via Shutterstock

Utah Republicans experimenting with online voting for today’s caucus

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The party of election integrity is giving an uncertain and vulnerable system a whirl.
Donald Trump, via iprimages / Flickr

Trump makes more bogus voter fraud claims

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Trump says that in “some places” you can vote 19 times. I wonder where he got that idea.
Republican Party, via Wikimedia Commons

Nevada GOP caucus somehow more of a disaster than its Democratic counterpart

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The party of election integrity managed to bungle the most basic fundamentals of election administration.
Donald Trump, screenshot via 60 Minutes

Trump claims widespread voter fraud, seems unclear on details

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“You have people, in my opinion, that are voting many, many times.”
Vote via Shutterstock

GOP election official tries to prove voter fraud vulnerabilities, violates voters’ privacy in the process

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You don’t get to break the law in order to prove the law was broken.
Mark Obenshain.

Virginia election officials don’t know how Virginia’s photo ID law works, causing confusion at the polls

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When the governor is illegally questioned over his address at his polling place, you’ve got problems.
Voting booth via Shutterstock

Voter fraud case triaged by local prosecutor because it doesn’t matter

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They quite literally have more important things to do.
Kris Kobach, via Wikimedia Commons

Kansas Secretary of State Kobach thinks he’s found some voter fraud…enough to count on one hand

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A whole lot of disenfranchisement to go after three people.
Hans von Spakovsky, via LBJ Foundation / Flickr

Hans von Spakovsky turns absentee ballot fraud into something it isn’t

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Photo ID requirements don’t prevent absentee ballot fraud, which is prohibitively difficult to mass-produce.
Selfie, via Wikimedia Commons

Court overturns New Hampshire’s ban on selfies in the polling booth, undermines secret ballot

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Rick Hasen is right: Selfies are a threat to democracy.
Kris Kobach, via Wikimedia Commons

Kansas Secretary of State Kobach wants to purge 30,0000 voters because he can

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Kris Kobach isn’t anti-voter fraud. He’s just anti-voting.
Voting machine, via Wikimedia Commons

A mathematician may have uncovered widespread election fraud, and Kansas is trying to silence her

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Kansas talks a big game about the integrity of its elections, apparently with no interest in following through.
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