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Republicans are trying to legally rig elections, again

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Following sweeping victories in the 2014 elections, the GOP wasted no time in introducing a series of bills in blue states under their legislative control that would break up electoral ...
David Duke (credit: Emmanuel d'Aubignosc)

Did GOP’s Steve Scalise vote for KKK’s David Duke in 1991?

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Scalise’s vote is the simplest measuring stick we have as to whether it’s fair to associate him with David Duke.

Virginia GOP could suppress 2% of the vote this November

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Virginia’s new voter ID law – one of the strictest in the nation – requires a photo ID in order to cast a ballot.

Why men shouldn’t be allowed to vote

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A wonderful sarcastic essay from feminist writer Alice Duer Miller, published in 1915.

ENDA passes US Senate: 64-32; Boehner opposes passage in House

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10 Republicans joined all Democrats present in voting for the bill banning anti-gay job discrimination.

27 GOP Senators vote to disapprove of own vote to raise debt ceiling

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27 Republican Senators voted this week to condemn their own votes in favor of raising the debt ceiling.
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz gives fiery victory speech after nearly destroying the Republican party (video)

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Ladies and gentlemen, please meet the man who is going to put Hillary in the White House in 2016.

15%: Time House GOP has devoted to useless Obamacare repeal votes

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And they’re at it again, for the 43rd time, tomorrow.
college kids

The youth vote was crucial to Obama’s 2012 victory

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Obama’s share of the youth vote in major swing states was in some cases higher than what he got in 2008.
Mitt Romney

Strapped to the roof of his own karma: Romney ends up with 47% of vote

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With ballots still being counted in MD, NY and CA, Mitt Romney is set to end up with 47% of the national vote.
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