Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

American bars start boycotting Russian vodka over Ukraine

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We gays always were trendsetters.

Vodka (the remix): In support of the Russian vodka boycott

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Will Dollinger’s musical entry in support of the Russian vodka boycott over the country’s anti-gay pogrom.

Three big Parisian gay bars ban Russian vodka

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Three of the most popular gay bars in Paris – Cox, freedj, and Who’s – no longer serve Russian vodka.

An update on that Russian vodka boycott “that isn’t working”

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The gays just put a big pink thumb on the scale, changing the calculus of bigots everywhere, and forever.

Young gay teen, tortured by Russian vigilantes, may be dead (video)

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Russian authorities refer to the group Occupy Pedophilia as a “civil movement fighting the sins of the society.”
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

Stoli parent company SPI Group adds gays to non-discrimination policy, leaves out trans

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Stoli takes a step in the right direction, but only half a step.

“Hope is never silent. Tell the world: It’s not okay.”

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Danish actor Christian Vincent does a moving video about why Putin’s anti-gay pogrom in Russia matters.
Queer Nation/RUSA LGBT Russian vodka dump at Russian consulate in NYC by ©Scott Wooledge

Just say NYET: Gays dump vodka outside Russian NYC consulate

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“We’re here, we’re queer, we’re drinking only beer!”
ria-novosti-caveat russia gay stoli

Two excellent articles from the Russian media on the gay Stoli boycott

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My praise might get a RIA Novosti reporter sent to a gulag, but I’m seriously impressed with their journalism.

Russian vigilantes are videoing the kidnapping, beating and torture of young gays

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The perpetrators are clear from the videos, but the Russian authorities reportedly refuse to lift a finger.
"Tsarina Putin."

How does a pogrom against LGBT people pass muster in 2013?

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Why now more than ever we need a boycott of Russian products, especially vodka. #DumpStoli
An LGBT rights activist after being attacked by Russian thugs this year. (Photo by Ilya Varlamov, with permission)

Boycotts 101: Why the gay boycott of Russian vodka is already working

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Boycotts don’t work. Until they do. Why some people give boycotts a bad name, and how good boycotts win.
Russian police detain a gay rights activist during an attempt to hold the unauthorized gay pride parade on May 28, 2011 in Moscow, Russia. kojoku / Shutterstock.com

23 lead Russian LGBT activists endorse boycott of Russian vodka, Olympics

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“We speak out in favor of boycotting Russian goods and companies, and the Olympic Games in Sochi.”
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