Power’s bitch: Snowden responds to criticism of TV appearance with Putin

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Snowden claims he intended to spark a national dialogue in Russia about that country’s domestic spying. Seriously.
Snowden appears on Russian television to ask President Putin a softball question in the middle of the Ukrainian crisis.

Edward Snowden’s “George Zimmerman moment” on Russian TV

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NSA leaker Edward Snowden went on Russian TV yesterday to assist Vladimir Putin in a PR stunt.
Andrey Illarionov at the World Economic Forum in Russia, 2 October 2003, Moscow (Credit: World Economic Forum)

Putin wants Finland, Baltic states, says former top adviser

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“Putin claims to have ownership” of “significant parts of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic States and Finland.”

Leading Russian historian sacked for comparing Ukraine invasion to Sudetenland

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“What we are now witnessing is the behavior of a politician who has clearly lost his mind.”
Stalin (credit: US Signal Corps, Library of Congress)

Russia kicked out of G8, Putin rehabilitates Stalin

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Stalin killed, conservatively, between 4 and 10 million Russians, though some estimates go as high as 60 million.
Valentina Petrov / Shutterstock.com

Putin commentary in The Onion: “Thanks for being so cool about everything”

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“Thank you for ensuring that I can just concentrate on doing whatever I want.”

Wikileaks cable: Georgian President predicted Crimea invasion in 2009

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“Saakashvili stressed repeatedly that he expected Russia to follow its ’08 invasion of Georgia with intervention.”

The GOP love affair with Vladimir Putin

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Putin is a “strong leader” but Obama is a “dictator.” Yeah, right.
Vladimir Putin. Mark III Photonics / Shutterstock.com

Crimea is “Putin’s Iraq”

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The lesson of Iraq was that in the modern era, invading a country is easy — but occupation is hard, and costly.

Putin invaded Ukraine because (wait for it) Benghazi!

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The lady doth protest too much, methinks.
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